FAQ Inflatable structures

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How long does the production take?

As for the standard forms, it takes at least 7 working days; the difficult work will take up to 30 
working days.
How many colors a tent or arch can be?
We produce monochrome figures with advertising slogans (" Discount ", "Sale " ...) as well as
 full-color photos, a variety of colors and logos.


What is the best place to install tents and arches?

We recommend using it for the cultural and sport events. The arch may define the start and 
finish, while the tent can be used for the jury, or for the sale of symbolism, drinks ...


How is the construction fixed?

Each case is individual. It can be tied with cables or with stakes driven into the ground, anchors,
 and elements of a building or to the ballast (sandbags).
How much electrical energy does it consume?
0,15-0,8 kW 220V


Is it possible to highlight?

Both, the outside and inside, can be illuminated. You can also install special effects - changing 
light color or just lights of the slogan.


What is included?

The kit includes the following: the inflatable construction, a bag for the transportation and storage,
 a fan, a ~ 5m cable, mounting kit pieces.



We manufacture Inflatable constructions (pneumatic figures) - products for the advertising and 
decoration (holidays, business events, etc.).


We can produce and highlight the following inflatable structures :
  • Balloon (sphere, drop with a base, ball)
  • Arches (rectangular, round, hemispheres, individual design)
  • Copies of products (food, furniture, cans, bottles, barrels, jerricans, cups and glasses, 
  • equipment)
  • Accommodation (tent, marquee, building)
  • Straight and bended screens (projection screen)
  • Inflatable garlands with opening effects
  • Inflatable tree, bush, flower
  • Stage roof, stage back
  • Pressure suit
  • New Year decorations (Snow Maiden, Christmas tree)
  • Animals
  • Stars
  • Columns
  • Wedding decorations
  • Individual design


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